Everyone has access to yoga.

At OG Yoga, our visions it that everyone has access to yoga. And since 2015, our mission has been to deliver trauma-informed mindfulness based yoga to support healing, resilience, self-development and positive social change for those who need it most.

To achieve our vision, our OG Yoga Studio provides a welcoming, physical space for those who need access to affordable, diversity- and trauma-informed yoga and mindfulness practices. Our OG Yoga Studio offers a space where all are welcome to practice with an aim to provide our services at an affordable price. And all of our yoga instructors are certified to address trauma through our specialty Registered Yoga School which uses a research-backed methodology to effectively work with vulnerable populations.

See our schedule below, and join us in delivering our vision of providing yoga access to all.


Become a part of the movement. Become certified to bring trauma-informed, mindfulness-based yoga to those who need it most. Join us at one of our Teacher Trainings or Continuing Education Modules.