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Empowering San Diego’s most marginalized youth, adults and seniors through the eightfold yoga path so they may lead healthy, happy and productive lives. 


We are fostering a community of active participants in the health and wellness of our schools and communities. 


OG Yoga Brings Well-Being to Underserved and Vulnerable Communities



Our mission is “to deliver trauma informed mindfulness based yoga through partnerships with non-profit organizations serving marginalized individuals to support healing, resilience, self-development and positive social change.”  



To make yoga available through the systems serving those in need to transform lives, increase successful outcomes and build healthier communities.


OG Yoga Model:

Restorative, mindful and meditative eightfold yoga practice dealing with physical, moral, mental and spiritual well-being, flexibility, strength, balance, relaxation, connection, peace and self-knowledge. Yoga Alliance certified instructors with at least 200 hours of teaching experience. Specialized training in trauma-informed programming for youth, seniors and adults facing homelessness, poverty, abuse, addiction, behavioral challenges, incarceration and reentry. Strategic Alliance with Prison Yoga Project. Member of the Yoga Service Council, a 5013 formed in 2009 in collaboration with the Omega Institute, to maximize the effectiveness, sustainability, and impact of organizations like OG Yoga working to make yoga and mindfulness equally accessible to all.

The yoga classes have helped me with impulse control, obsessive and compulsive thinking patterns, and given me the ability to find calm in stressful situations. I have learned what it means to be at peace with myself and live everyday mindful of who I really am.
— D.P, Prison Yoga Student
My practice has definitely benefited me in regard to my mood swings. Being bipolar I believe that my yoga practice has everything to do with a natural mindful sense of balance what has become the support I trust enough to reduce my medicine to one prescript.
— B.M., Prison Yoga Student
I’m able to stay grounded by getting into my breathing which takes my focus off stressful, traumatic events such as flashbacks. It keeps me mindful mentally and physically and enhances my self control.
— D.B., Prison Yoga Student

Through partnerships with non-profit organizations and correctional facilities we support healing, resilience, self-development and positive social change. By making a donation, you can support our initiatives to deliver on-site yoga to those who cannot access a studio and provide the necessary yoga mats and props. We encourage all donations but do not guarantee that donated funds will be used for a specific purpose.

Thank you!