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Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga: 30-Hour Continuing Education Workshop

What You Will Learn:

• Best practices for utilizing yoga as trauma treatment

• The need for trauma-sensitive yoga

• Key themes of trauma-sensitive yoga

• How to build a trauma-sensitive yoga class

• Responding to triggered reactions in a yoga class

• Secondary trauma and self-care

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Offered by nonprofit, OG Yoga, in partnership with Cloud Nine Yoga, this 30-hour Continuing Education course on Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga is the 2nd of 10 modules in our inaugural 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training School. This course will take place during three consecutive weekends in January and February:

  • January 25th & 26th, 2020, 12pm to 5pm

  • February 1st & 2nd, 2020, 12pm to 5pm

  • February 8th & 9th, 2020, 12pm to 5pm

The course includes six asanas to help you understand and tailor yoga poses to support healing, resilience, and self-development.

Practice 1: Developing a Trauma- and Diversity-Sensitive Yoga Practice

Practice 2: Yin Yoga Sequences of the Kidneys and Urinary Bladder

Practice 3: Restorative Practice with Props

Practice 4: The Pelvis Potential - Unlocking the Power of the Spine

Practice 5: Gentle Yoga with Healing Chimes Sound

Practice 6: Yoga for Lower Back Health

Who is OG Yoga and why we are offering this course:


The mission of OG Yoga is to deliver trauma informed mindfulness based yoga through partnerships with non-profit organizations serving marginalized individuals to support healing, resilience, self-development and positive social change.


Everyone has access to yoga.

OG Yoga Model

OG Yoga sends Yoga Alliance certified instructors with at least 200 hours of teaching experience out to need-based communities, for youth, seniors and adults facing homelessness, poverty, abuse, addiction, incarceration and re-entry, we make Yoga and mindfulness equally assessable to all. OG Yoga has served over 6,000 individuals from 5 to 85 years young through 40 community partnerships and correctional facilities.

This Workshop

Overcoming Trauma through Yoga is the 2nd of 10 modules in our inaugural OG 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training School, scheduled for launch in 2020. Specializing in advanced curriculum to serve communities in need with trauma- and diversity-informed, mindfulness-based yoga. This second module is open to certified instructors and meets the required 30 hours of continuing education by Yoga Alliance.

The cost is $395, and we're offering special early bird pricing of $325, if paid by December 31, 2019. This course is specially priced at a low cost because we wish to increase the capacity of yoga instructors that can bring trauma-informed yoga throughout San Diego to influence healing, self-development, resiliency and positive social change. Maximum capacity is up to 14 instructors for the course.