Mindfulness Based Yoga For All

OG Yoga was founded to provide the many healing benefits of the 5,000 year-old science and art of yoga to San Diego’s most vulnerable communities. OG Yoga teaches students to focus their attention, calm their minds, reduce stress and think before reacting – tools necessary to live in today’s fast-paced world. We help students become active participants in the health and wellness of their schools and communities and be empowered to lead healthy, happy and productive lives. OG Yoga is committed to prevention of homelessness, addiction, incarceration as well as rehabilitation for those wanting to reenter community.

2015 Activities and Accomplishments

• A successful children’s yoga model piloted at San Diego Jewish Academy’s after school program for 5 to 10 year olds
• Delivered yoga, meditation and mindfulness curriculum at Monarch Schools for lower and middle-school youth
• Restorative yoga classes for parents and guardians of students at the Monarch Schools for the homeless
• Restorative yoga classes for WestCare Foundation’s Custody to Community Transitional Re-Entry and Rehab (CCTRP) in partnership with the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation- San Diego is WestCare’s first pilot for this type of incarceration for women
• Restorative yoga classes for Second Chance residents and clients. Second Chance provides job readiness and life skills training, job placement, mental health services and sober-living housing for adults and youth in need
• OG Yoga added to curriculum of Second Chance Job Readiness Training Program
• Collaboration with Alternative Health Care Network serving Tubman Chavez Center and Rachel's House for Battered Women

2016 Goals

• Establish OGYoga on-site classes for Title 1 elementary schools in San Diego
• Identify outreach opportunities for delivering OGYoga programming to under-served senior adults
• Recruit instructors who have completed at least 200-hour Yoga Alliance teacher training and 200 hours of teaching experience as demand for programming expands
• Identify, cultivate and raise funding to support our annual operating budget
• Serve as many kids as possible with meditation, mindfulness and yoga
• Serve as many senior adults as possible with restorative yoga practice to maximize health and age gracefully
• Provide Department of Correction inmates and Second Chance clients/residents with essential well-being tools for successful and sustained community re-entry
• Identify and cultivate collaborative efforts with like minded nonprofit organizations to scale up delivery of transformational and wellbeing yoga, meditation and mindfulness practice



"I have a bracelet on my ankle to remind me of the biggest mistake in my life - A 5-year prison sentence for a felony DUI. I was introduced to OG YOGA at a re-entry facility after serving 3 years in other facilities. OG YOGA was truly a blessing in my healing process. They taught me to be calm during one of the most stressful situations of my life. My anxiety was reduced. The different breathing exercises and meditations fostered inner strength, drive and confidence in me that I had never encountered before. I am eternally grateful to OG YOGA for helping me find my true self. “

"OG Yoga has been so impactful for our culinary students, each of whom come from challenging backgrounds.  While our students are skeptical and even resentful at first of participating in yoga classes, they leave the first class with a new found appreciation of the practice, a coping mechanism for their anger and anxiety, and a sense of calm. The yoga classes also offer an incredible physical release for our students as well, as they spend 8+ hours on their feet do physical labor in the kitchen as they train to become cooks. We are so grateful to OG Yoga for all they do for our students, and our community. "

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Aviva Paley-

Director of Programs Kitchens For Good


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